Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"The only thing that is contantly changing in this world is Change itself"

So fast 1 yr pass liao...ahaha! But starting from this yr..i guess i treat it just as a normal day ba...with me still goin to work like any other days...lol...

The above sentence can b quite true. As each day pass..every1 is leading into their own life. Some go, some come. I made new friends over the year, & glad to know that they bother to come & wish me. *added on: especially to Gabriel, Janis & Wes for helping to celebrate it for me!*

However, some do remain & im glad to know that friends i know for yrs r still here with me...

I realise i still have ppl around me too! I feel so loved by u all! Thanks every1! Hope our f/s can withstand Change & stay!

Thanks to my sec sch friends Jingjing, Yuanlin, Annabel, Kah Chin!

Thanks to my poly friends Heeyin, Denise, Tiancai, Cher Mui, Lilian, Yvonne, Cheewee!

Thanks to liyan! Hope to cya around soon!!!

Thanks to ex-dynea-ians Faezah, Tsu Sin, Siva, Uncle Teo!

Thanks to 'daddy'! I wan my present! Haha!

Thanks to Janis, Gabriel & Evelyn! We only gt to know each other like for mths only...but we r like 1 big family! LOL! Its always fun to b with u 3!!!

Thanks to Wes & Alex! Though we only know each other for like...wah...less than a mth!? LOL! Real thanks! Nice to know u guys!

Thanks to Jing Tzy & Xia Leng! Lets continue happy working! All gonna become my mentor liao! Ahaha!

Thanks to Yi Zi! Really nice to know u! Lets have a makan session together someday!

Also, thanks to Puifern, Junjie, Sharon Ong, Melody, Audrey, Syazali, Melissa, Fiona, Winnie! Though we seldom in contact..but thanks for coming by to wish me!

*added on 15.09.10* Even though my birthday is over leh..but still gt a few who came to wish me..Ar-ri-ga-to to 'Mr Panda', Sebastian, Evelyn, Oxy!

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Hehe! Finally updating my SOOOOO dead blog! hoho!

Today...went for a museum visit(peranakan & asian civilisian)...using the 'world blood donor day' coupon...its a 1-1 entry...so cheap cheap + cheap cheap...so went with mum...hehe!

It was a great experience...gt to know more abt the peranakans...we managed to go for the tour for the peranakan...the lady tourguide was gd!!! We were there till around 1pm...

Then hungry hungry leh...went to Funan IT mall to eat 1st...then walked around a bit then headed to ASM...we were actually quite lost in trying to walk to there...haha! So when we reached there...we had missed the tour...mmm...this museum looks more 'spooky'...as in there arent much light around...lol! & its not that interesting to me as the peranakan museum...hehe!

But overall...learnt much...then had to decide how to go home...we just headed to the nearest bus stop...then gt bus to amk de..so actually i suggested go there eat as well then...then whe gt 1 bus 167 left...then i realise gt go PS de...diao...so we had to wait lor...lol!

& it was indeed a gd choice! When reached PS leh...there was a roadshow...then i hear the voice sounds like Daniel Ong...& i kept telling mum how come hes still able to host since he had quitted...then we saw that hes like giving out gifts...as long as u have sth green on u...initially i tot was some 'go green' roadshow...so we 2 were like searching for sth green...then mum had a green Kitty pen...so thus i went to 'claim' the gift...& success! Then we realise actually was starhub roadshow! Then mum wanna try & search for sth green again...then sort of hang around-don have-wanting to leave mood...then he gave finish at the same time & he started to say will b giving out a free phone! So our legs 'glue' to the ground leh...& really hanged there...it turns out that u get 5 matching pairs & u will win a C5! As he say will only start in 10 mins...then more & more ppl came & stood there as he kept repeating it...

10 mins later...b4 he start to choose players for the game...he asked 5 simple qns 1st...ans correctly get to have a goodie bag! Then mum was choosen for the 3rd qn...so we gt our 1st goodie bag...then he choose 5 players by saying out 3 numbers..& if yr IC contained these numbers...u r qualified! Then when he said '005'...i immediately raised my hand! Yahoo! I was choosen of the 5! Hehe! Then the game start...o ya...he named me 'hello kitty' since he saw that i had quite a no. of kitty stuffs on me! haha! & he still joked say 'hey..shes hello kitty, & im dear daniel!'..lol!

But too bad i didnt won the free phone...but every other 4 players will still get a goodie bag(the 2nd 1 for me) & a $100 voucher...& thus...i gt a new phone!! Haha! & gan gan hao...its a navigator phone! Woot! Thats the type of phone i actually wanna change to!!! & i changed plan too! *so that the phone will cost even cheaper after using the voucher* The plan where i can surf net leh! Woot!

Then finally went to eat at around 8+ & home sweet home at 9++!!! With a total of 3 starhubs bags(2 goodie + 1 new phone)!!! Makes it look like we were rich ppl who bought so many phone! hohoho!

Overall...a gd experience at the museums & a great day with a new phone as well! Wahaha!!! Cool, great day!!! *however, such great days always end fast & tml gt work! Confirm mon blue! Haiz!*

*pics b uploaded in fb!*

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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Ytd was my co D&D...was ok & 'ok'...cos i was been sabo-ed by siva! Let me list 1 by 1 men! This is what i gt for supporting u ar Siva! Haiz!

Initially call Miss Faezah 45 times b4 finaly she woke up! Haha! & my bus trip took an hr+ due to traffic jam...lol...but realise Uncle Teo also in the same bus as me when alighting...hee...

Then initally me & Faezah & tsu sin we all at different table...but when we 2 1st reach...we go sit at an empty seat beside tsu sin...in the end...we sat at that table...wahaha!

Then play a game...then dynea idol start...after 1st 3 sing...lucky draw a bit 1st...then continue to the other last 3 ppl...woot! He really took the effort to dress up men! & he steady men! He really also dance! haha! & he has the most fans men! hoho! & had the most noises too!

&...actually me & faezah say b4 leave early...in the end...we didnt! & what happen leh! Kana sabo-ed by Siva!!!

The 1st time...was the MC wan us to choose 4 men as 'leaders'...again Siva was been choosen...next they need to choose a partner...& smart Siva choose me! Luckily i don need to do anything...just sit on the chair...& i was so happy!

But happy for nth! Next the MC say wan us to choose ppl who r gd in dancing...my table uncles actually all choose Siva de lor...& i also don know when the MC walk to behind me...& i think Siva at that time choose me & i was been choosen! My gosh! I think the MC c me go on stage until don wanna c liao...lol! & Ernie was choosen as well...also another 2 plant uncles...& what r we suppose to do? Pole dance!!! My gosh!! After the 1st uncle dance finish...he ran away...left the other uncle who took the same bus as me...wah he really dance until very 'sexy'! lol! Next was me & Ernie! Gosh! We throw our face until don know to where liao! Haiz! Luckily its towards the end where every1 eat until fill liao...if not...SURE PUKE OUT EVERYTHING MEN! Haiz! I also cant imagine how i EVEN MANAGE TO DANCE STH OUT!!! I STILL CANT BELIEVE IT TILL NOW MEN! (guess if theres a video & i watch back...i think i myself WILL PUKE MEN! Can u imagine how ... i dance!?) Then i dance until goin to cmi liao...& the MC die die don wan to say cut! No choice i keep repeating what im doin over & over until finally he say cut! Haiz! Now also every1 'knows' me! I wan to quietly also cannot liao! Hope no1 takes any unglam pic/vidoes of me doin that! If have...pls JUST SEND it to me...DON POST!!! I wonder what will happen when mon go work...hope every1 'washed' their brains over the weekend! Haha! BUT IT WAS INDEED AN EXPERIENCE! Better not have a next time though!!!

Then announce the winner...well...Erine won though...can say shes also actually quite gd...she sing Celine song leh!

O...did i 4get to mention...the grand winner for the lucky draw was cheng peow! Wah! Too bad is not tan tsu sin...hahaha!!!

Then home sweet home! Haha! Faster 'run' away!!! Haha!

So...lesson learn is...next time say wan to leave early...really leave early! Wahaha!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Decide to post what i actually wanna say here since fb doesnt have enough space...

Well...ytd...he came & talk to me wanting to clear the misunderstanding...but i sort of put him off...today...ive decided...he & she shall never know the truth...which means thats the end of our f/s...u 2 can take it as im evil, i don really treasure this f/s...but...i just & don know how to say it out...i do admit it may b my fault that we r lead to this...but its just sth just sth else...i don really wanna u 2 to know & i really don wish to mention it out...cos it may even make things worse...so let this truth b hidden 4ever...& that u 2 had only LOST A friend...as for me, i had LOST TWO friends at the same time...thats it...IM SO SORRY...

&...im also sort of sick & tired to help my friends to organise an outing to celebrate their individual birthdays...for the past many yrs...it had always been me organinsg...asking ppl out...having to sms SOOO many times to find a common date where MOST of us can make it...i give up on this 'post'...i shall NOT do it for this yr anymore...i shall let some1 else do it liao...if theres no1 who do it...then its too bad...of cos i will still remember u all birthdays de, by smsing wishing u all...but organising an outing...not anymore for me...*which by means that i may not wish to celebrate my OWN birthday as well* Getting to find my friends for a normal gathering as well...i doubt i will do so anymore leh...its either u all come find me...or i think we wont get in contact at all...thats it...yes...im totally sick & tired of really having to go "eh r u free" here & there...after reading to here...if u r thinking ive become such a 'what' person leh...then b it...i REALLY DON CARE ANYMORE...

Lastly...i do really find myself been so rely on some1 lately...whenever i feel down or angry or what...i will just sms that some1...even if that some1 don think im a nuisance...i do hate myself for doin this...like ppl themselves gt no problem like that...cos if its me...if theres some1 who do this to me...i do & will find that some1 a nuisance lor...i shall stop doin so FROM NOW ONWARDS...i must depend on myself to fight my own sadness/angryiness leh!


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Friday, January 01, 2010


Time really DO FLIES...a new year is here again! For 2009...theres actually more downs than ups for me(& even last week im not spared...gt sunburnt to scratch my rite 1st finger with my nail & even last day kana 'sandwiched' my RITE 1st FINGER again! Haiz!) Is that a sign for a gd yr ahead or? Ok chey chey chey! & ive also 'upgraded'...from been a student to been a working adult...studying like mad in 2008 to working & leading a boring robotic life in 2009...my whole life changes dramatically...theres also ppl who left my life, but of cos there r new & unexpected ones who entered into my life that brighten up my days at times...thank u! (will get to that later)

Anyway...whats a new yr w/o a new resolution as well? Have u gt yrs yet?

*edited on 7.1.10* After few days of entering into the new yr...i think this would b what i wish to do/get this yr...*all the other items which i wan & places i wish to go can all b put on hold liao ba...not really as impt leh*

1) To find a place where theres a 1 on 1 hip hop class!!! Anyone knows where??

2) To get a piano by my birthday mth (which maybe quite impossible with the amt i try to save each mth :( haiz) so that i can start learning piano as well!!!

3) To get a gd digi cam (considering samsung st 550...or any other cams that have a front lens too???)

Thus, in order to achieve the abouve 3...ive also decided to lead a super boring life leh...since i had also shut down myself...but of cos...if my dear friends organises any outing...i will try my best to go too!!! *winks*

Ok...now...I would like to take this opporunity to thank ppl who had entered into my life & had brighten up my otherwise dull & loner life i gonna have(yes...seriously im like a loner like that w/o these ppl men):-*from past to current, group to ppl*

1) my sec sch friends (annabel, qinling, kxy, jing, yuanlin, muiyan): thanks girls for brighting up my sec sch days...w/o u girls...i guess my days there is been a loner...its u girls who add joy & laughter to those days of mine...thank u so much!
2) 4e2'04: thanks guys for been such great classmates! i had a sad 2 yrs life during lower sec...& i tot i would b having that for my 4 yrs of sec life...but when i gt to this class & know all of u...i realise everything would change...my life in sec sch would change...no longer a loner, no longer saddness...u guys r really a bunch of nice ppl! Its really nice to get to know all of u! Though i seldom talk to all of u...but u guys had always been great classmates! Seriously its great to b in this class!!!

3) poly friends (heeyin, tiancai, gek khoon, denise, anis, xixun, cheewee): If not for u guys...i really gonna b a loner throughout my 3 yrs in poly...some of u may know y...

4) ex-stiefel-ians: Nice knowing all of u! Fun working & joking with all of u! If not...working there would b like hell & super boring...agree every1? haha!

5) CPF-ians (steven, tina, melissa): Thanks to the 3 of u! If not, i would have no1 to talk to at there leh...lol!

6) TCP-ians: Thanks for allowing me to have a chance to go in! Its really a great pleasure knowing all of u!!!

7) Dynea-ians: Of cos...its u guys that make me work there happy! If not...i don know how i would survive there for 1 yr men!

8) Kah Chin: Thank you for helping & getting me through my dark periods a few mths ago when that incident happen...from the midnite call u gave me, to goin out to brighten me out...seriously u r the 1st & only friend who had know & heard me cry...so...really thank u for the help!

9) Anthony: Thanks for been making an effort to organise outing (choosing locations that r convenient for most of us but not yrself) ever since we graduated! & keepin us informed of any news as well! Im sure some day...yr best pals will gonna organise a REAL birthday party for u! ;)

10) Xingyu: Nice to know u this senior! Cos of u bringing fun & laughter to the club...if not been in the IT club would b so sian just sitting down there listen & listen to lessons! lol!

11) Mr. Panda: Seriously...i 4get how i get to know u sia...haha..anyway...nice knowing u!

12) Junjie: Thanks for brighting up the days we had in astro...if not...it would b just so boring staring at the sky, listening to lectures only...haha! Its nice knowing u too! & may u b strong & happy always in the upcoming yr!

13) Ah Boon's friends (Xiong Xiong & Ah Heng): Really glad to get to know u 2 guys! Pandon me for been 'cold' initially...haha! But i really do had great time playing with u 2 as well at genting! If theres another opporunity, lets go there together again with 'boss'! lol!

14) Helen: Nice to know u! & at least i had a company when waiting for bus if not stand there alone like so weird also haha!

15) Delon: Nice to meet & know u!

& also...ppl from fanclubs i get to know(melody, tanat, fiona, audrey, huiyan, meling, huiqing, meiling choong, karen, delphine, irene, michelle, joyce, joanne, craives, xiankai, shuyi)...otherwise...i would always b some1 sitting there alone throughtout the gathering...lol! Of cos...also to the stars (Yiyuan, Derrick, Elviin, Nat, Jiaxi, Chengxi, Felicia, Joanne, Andie, Yahui, Jessica, Yangtian) themselves! It was so great to know them, & they treating all of us the fans like friends...will always support u all! haha!

Hope we all can keep in contact always & 4ever! Love u all!!!!!!

2:15 AM WriTTen By KellY Y

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I know i haven been updating for mths...since cos i also really nth to blog...but today...sth happen at the PD lab...hence this post...lol!

PD lab gt flooded today! Normally is only the sink pipes kana choke so overflow...not that jialat...today...is...at around 4.30+pm...u guys know the floor the 'water hole'? That kana choke!!! SO THE WHOLE LAB KANA FILL W/ QUITE A LOT OF WATER!!! Sia lah!!! Steady or what!? Very serious this time round men...so every1 of us became 'cleaners'...'sweeping' the water away...& cos cant pour the water back into the sink have to go toilet 'throw' lah...haiz...really so jialat...so tml cant use any sinks until the pipes r 'cleared'...diao...LAB AUDIT SURE FAIL men...zzz...

10:33 PM WriTTen By KellY Y

Monday, September 14, 2009

Haha! Almost a mth ++ never update liao! Today...i must do this post...cos its an impt day for me! Lol! Its my offical day that i turned 21! Lol!!! Had a party earlier on on 12.09.09 at Zhenghua CC...had a total great fun men! Thanks to all who came! As well as for the presents from my family members, annabel 'dear', jing, kxy, yuanlin, muiyan, xixun, kah chin, heeyin, denise, kenneth, sean, 'daddy', irene, joyce, michelle, tina & bf, steven, liyan, lingshan, john, calvin, zhengjie, siva, faezah, shila, yilin + allan, sau leng, charmanie + tze han, ken, chetna, Mr Ho, xiao sim, mary + husband, limey, 'grandpa', huichern, alvin, sharon, uncle sim, robin, cheng lang, tsu sin, uncle ong, uncle teo, cheng peow! !

That day...woke up around 9+am...& started pumping balloons with mum...lol...ocasionally had my dance practice as well...then 1+pm went down to style my hair...the end result...it was so nice! I so love it that i told mum i don wanna wash hair liao sia...& she say can...1 mth don wash...lol!!! Then the stylist say if by 4+ my hair become straight again...can come do again...cos she say i actually to early come...haa?

Then 3.50+pm liao...o shit...how come the day pass so fast? I was hungry too leh...so cook maggi mee...faster eat eat...faster change change...then head down to the CC via bro's car & as i sat at the back...wooo...i was been covered by balloons...haa...don even know where to put my hand lor...lol...all my dear sec sch friends were there leh...even kxy too...& she say she pon ten...really!? Till now i still don believe leh!!!

Then we all started to deco...i was the 'scotchtape girl'...running here & there giving ppl scotchtape...haa!!!

6+ liao (& i seriously don know y time pass so damn fast!)...my instructor & dancers came leh...then started practising a little...then 6.20 my food then came (zzz...late lor!) then ask them to eat 1st...

My 1st guest (which is kah chin) came at 6.30pm...but shit i also haven make up but aiyah...just make up in the room lah...lol!

Then slowly more & more ppl came...& then i started my performance at 7.30pm...& i made a few mistakes for sure...haiz! Seriously i was so nervous i think my mind was blank sia! & i didnt know who to look at!!!

Then asked muiyan to go toilet with me to change clothes...hee...then go back & prepare to cut cake...ooo...the hello kitty cake was so cute!! Hee!!!

Then was chit chatting session...then slowly ppl started to leave...then it was 10pm leh...everything was over...

Went back home to change 1st...then head down to Iluma for k session via bro's car with muiyan & 'daddy'...then met up with qinling...then we have to wait till 12+am cos they say they r clearing the room!? Zzzz...i book at 11.30 pm de lor...

Initially we were so mmm...cold ba...then slowly with qinling's virus (her highness)...the 3 of us also gt high...haa!!!

Goin to 3am leh...then our lists of songs were gone...& i tot is time to leave leh...so i asked for bill...but i also asked is it the system close liao...then the person say go check for me as well...i was like...mmm...o the system hven close? So while waiting...(seriously 'daddy' & qinling still can sing the random song that came out haa!) i try to select a song...eh can leh! Chey! Then when the person came back...he say maybe we accidentally pressed 'delete all' (cos the touchscreen was super sensitive) or not the system problem...diao...so must b the latter cos seriously no1 was near the screen when the lists of songs were gone lor!

Here...the problem starts...cos they have the moilbe nets machine...so i don need to go out...then 1st try..."no reply from bank"...i was like duh...cant b...so the person say go take another machine then...at the same time waiting i ask bro to transfer $ to me...then 2nd try..."no reply from bank" again...my 'fire' was starting to burn...so i say i try signature de...&*^%% also cannot!!! Then i call bro he say he transfer liao leh...meaning should b can de! So then i tot...ok...i go draw cash...asked muiyan to come along w/ me...then the person say the nearest atm is at fu luo sor temple there...we headed out...while heading out...i saw quite a no. of other customers holding the bil in their hands outside their room...which makes us think is really their system CONFIRM gt problem...

Then at the street...seriously we don even know how to go to the temple...then i asked an uncle wheres the nearest atm...then he say mrt station.then i was like o ya hor...then we walk + run to there...& guess what! Can draw ma! & my balance still gt left so much! Even w/o counting bro transfer the $ to me...so CONFIRM 100% is their (%%$&^(^%*%& system cock up!

I was super tired & hot leh...then i gave them the cash...& they keep saying sorry...like gt use...then earlier on cos gt a jug of ice water given to us...& i really drink it like im dying of thrist can!? Grrr!!! & i told them i SWEAR i would never go there again! High tech so what...system like that also no use!!! Grrrr!!!

Then we left at 4am...qinling took cab home...then the 3 of us headed to mac...cos i was acually hungry liao...haa...then we waited till around 6+am then we went to wait for bus...

Diao...need to wait for 36 mins! Cool huh!?

But overall...i had a total fun time that day! (expect for the stupid ilmua cock up system!)

*added on* Thanks also for the wishes from john, weitek, muiyan, annabel, kah chin, liyan, mary, charmanie, xixun, chee wee, peijuan, audrey, meiling, xingyu, nicholas, ruixin, xiucheng, tsu sin, shihui, joanne, stephine, fiona, shuyi, ya hui, melody, shuhui, Bevan(D.base) through sms, msn & fb!!!

*Pics & video in fb*

4:01 PM WriTTen By KellY Y

Sunday, July 19, 2009

This song version is damn nice! Again from ah heng wan...


vs the orignal version


8:59 PM WriTTen By KellY Y

(click to enlarge)

How nice of yiyuan...to come & 'motivate' me...& even draw that cute face! Thanks eh! & also need to thanks ah heng ytd for those funny videos eh...guess i need to watch it everyday next week sia! lol!

1:32 PM WriTTen By KellY Y

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mmm...gt to post this men...some interesting funny videos my friend gave it to me! U gt to watch them when u r feeling down men! It will sure bring back laughter to u!!! I will make sure i watch them when im feeling down the next time!!!




http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftBCSSC9AH8&feature=fvsr (this is the funniest!!!)





If not...check out these magic too! (the 2nd & 3rd ones r fake de)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZOuwGLHzdQ&feature=related (the same magic as above)




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